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It's Like One Big Family

While enrolling children, I try to facilitate a good fit for everyone. Your children will be playing with each other on a daily basis, sitting at circle time next to their friends, eating their meals side by side, negotiating toys, sharing ideas and learning from each other. I see the parents talking and sharing with each other too. Knowing this, I find it is important to offer chances for everyone to spend some time with each other, whether it's a few minutes outside in the yard as their children play or inside while their children show off their projects. I have found that I have been very lucky in finding families who are wonderful, caring individuals, all equally wanting the best for each other. Below are some letters from families who are either currently enrolled with PattyKakesKidz or families with children who have now outgrown my preschool.

Murphy Family

What a privilege it as been to be acquainted with Patty Kurdi for the past 10 years. We wish to express our deepest gratitude for the positive impact she has made in our children?s lives. We, as parents, have benefited as well, from her wisdom and experience. She is a caring, enthusiastic, trustworthy caregiver who is extremely knowledgeable about children?s development and best practices in raising children. Patty is a gifted and dedicated teacher who holds a passion for life and learning.

She has been an integral part in bringing up all three of our children. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for all children. Most of all, Patty has a strong connection with the children she works with. She is creative teacher who makes learning meaningful and fun for her students. She is a patient person who possesses a great sense of humor. We have had many laughs together! We strongly recommend Patty Kurdi at PattyKakesKidz as a childcare provider/teacher. Your children will fall in love with her and form a strong life long relationship, just as our family has.

** Alex - age 13 years old states, ?Patty was the best. When I was little, I remember going to the zoo and even planting a vegetable garden in her backyard. I also remember her being extremely kind and generous to me.?

** Maxx - age 7 years old states, "Patty was so much fun. I remember playing in her huge backyard. She had the coolest sandbox that she would hide treasures in. She still keeps in touch with me and even remembers my birthday!?

With kind regards and much appreciation,

The Murphy Family

La Brock Family

We first met Patty in August, 1999 when my daughter, Emilie, was almost 2 years old. I couldn?t believe how perfect the fit was ? the house, the yard, and best of all ? Patty! Emilie was with Patty full-time for over a year, and then part-time for another 2 years. I cannot begin to say enough good things about this time in our life. Patty?s two children were homeschooling at the time and her family became our extended family. Her son was the same age as mine and they played together when I went to pick up Emilie. Patty's daughter also did some babysitting for me and my kids loved her.

Patty is a natural with children of all ages ? she treats them with kindness and respect, but sets clear boundaries and establishes a daily routine that the children and parents come to depend on and trust. Not only does Patty model respect and kindness, but she also teaches the children to care for and respect each other. They learn how to ask for what they want and how to negotiate. Patty encourages the children to become independent learners by giving them lots of hands-on projects and social interaction. The children had such wonderful experiences inside and out ? making checkerboards for the Dad?s for Father?s Day, putting together a grape arbor, raking leaves in the fall, playing in the huge sandbox, water play in diapers, and even field trips to a local park. She introduced new foods with different colors and textures and often had ?themed? foods for the holidays. My daughter remembers everything and she is 11 years old now! We have stayed in touch with Patty over the years and I am excited that she is back providing her childcare services to new families!

** Emilie Age 11 - When I was at Patty?s I had so much fun. Every morning I would be ready to go to her house and go play. While I was there we each had our own cup - of course mine was pink! She let us experience picking plants and making things grow for the garden. One time it was raining and we were really bored, so she made up this cool pillow place by the TV and we watched a movie. We also got to experience different places like the rock slide park and one time we went to a zoo. She also got a dog named Summer, and we learned all about dogs and got to play with her. In her backyard she had this area that we used to help rake and we?d pretend that we were stuck there until we finished then we?d ESCAPE to the sandbox. She also did a lot of fun arts and crafts with us. One of the most memorable was when she helped us make fireman costumes out of brown paper bags. The most memorable event though, is when she celebrated my 2nd birthday. Her daughter made me a brownie cake and I got to wear a pink hat all day!

The LaBrock Family

Ward Family

"I never really considered a daycare because I didn't think a place like PattyKakes existed! From the very first time my husband, Riley, and I met Patty, she was warm, kind, and inviting. I always watch to see how Riley reponds to people because he knows right away whether or not he is comfortable with someone. He didn't want to leave after our initial appointment was over!

He started at PattyKakes right away. There's always a big smile on his face when it's preschool day and often he doens't want to leave when I come to pick him up. He loves the art projects and huge backyard, I love the healthy food and clean environment, and my husband and I love how Riley has grown both socially and developmentally. The kids are all sweet and mild-mannered (as much as toddlers can be!). Riley feels at home with them and calls them his "friends." Patty is right in her element with the kids and it's so obvious she's doing what she loves most. She has such a knack for reading and reaching each one of them.

It's such a relief to know that when I can't be with him, he's safe, nurtured, and thriving. I am so grateful for PattyKakes, which truly is a home away from home."

The Ward Family